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It gives me absolute pleasure to announce that the much awaited first book in a series “Homeopathy & Psychiatry” of 6 books is being released on 15th April 2017 at Mumbai. The Book’s title is ‘Personal Evolution Model – The Foundation Book’. As is evident from the title this book lays the basic framework and conceptual principles on which Dr.Gandhi works to treat his clients. We can easily say he has been wonderfully successful in helping his patients both with psychiatric and physical problems.

To Order this book – please send a mail to: and a CC to and we will be happy to forward you the details.

Dr.Ankur Singal

About Dr. Mahesh Gandhi

Dr. Mahesh Gandhi is a renowned Psychiatrist and an Expert in the application of Homeopathy to patients with various psychiatric disorders like :
• Anxiety – Panic, phobia, Obsessive Compulsive disorders,
• Mood disorders – Depression, Bipolar mood disorders, minor mood disorders,
• Somatization- Chronic headaches, pains, GI disturbances
• Schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders,

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