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When I first came to you, I used to be so anxious, so fearful. I couldn’t travel in trains. I used panic about my health. Even if I got a muscular pain, I thought I had a heart attack. I could never go to theatres, lifts and closed places. In fact, when I first came to you I was absolutely in panic.

When I was studying Medicine I was so tensed. I started taking Calmpose. I used to take 10mg thrice a day.

After homoeopathy I feel very relaxed and peaceful.  I have no words to express my gratitude. Now I do not even know what is that panic, not moving out, not driving a car, not going by train, I don’t even remember that I was ever into that situation with those fears. I absolutely don’t even remember that. It has definitely caused a positive change in my life. . It is so noticeable that my family life has eased out. My family members notice it. I have recovered my jovial self. I am feeling so fine and nice, I have to thank you for it.  



I am much better with homoeopathy. I used to obsess about small things- whether the door is locked, tap is closed? I checked the tap every time I used it. I was a student preparing for medical entrance when I came to you. When answering multiple choice questions I used to read the options A,B,C,D so many times; because I was not sure whether it was registering in my mind. OCD was very intense. I used to keep adjusting my pillow before sleeping to get its position symmetrically right; the symmetry was more important than my comfort. All this was a big burden.

I didn’t believe in homoeopathy, but I wanted to give it a try. After taking homoeopathic medicine all my obsessive compulsions are gone. I feel free.



I had repeated thoughts of hitting someone or breaking something that scares me.  I had a fear of socializing and talking to people. Whenever I had to go to college I would get an urge to urinate and I could not concentrate on what was being taught I put urine bag with catheter because I thought I needed to pass a lot of urine, I attended lectures with it that is how I finished my college. I was timid, nervous, anxious and fearful. I was scared of traveling by trains. I would feel claustrophobic.

Homoeopathy worked like magic. Now there is no worry or apprehension. I don’t get obsessive thoughts. I don’t get into the cycle of obsessive thinking. I am absolutely calm and relaxed. Now I don’t even have the memory of illness.



I was suffering from irritable bowel syndrome since 10 years. I had a fear of meeting new people. I felt inferior to people. So I would just sit at home and avoid going out, and meeting people.

Now, my irritable bowel is much much better. I am confident. I don’t think too much of what others are thinking about me. My energy level is much better.



I had recurrent episodes of depression since many years. It would last for 2-3 months at a time. I would sit at home; sit in one room, and read all the books I had. I just couldn’t do anything. Doing any work was like a Herculean task. I even had panic attacks when my heart rate used to go up.

Now my confidence levels have increased. I can travel confidently. I don’t feel depressed or anxious. My relationship with my family has also improved.



I was diagnosed with depression. I also had epileptic fits. Before I took homoeopathy I was taking allopathic medications for manic depression and epilepsy. I would panic before my exams. I was on 14 different allopathic medications.

Within a few months after starting homoeopathy my anti-deprresant medicines were reduced and now I don’t need them at all. I sleep well. And in a few years, the illness totally disappeared. I am able to work nicely and I am living my life to the fullest.



My main problem was fear and panic. I would panic while taking a hair bath. I disliked foam coming on my face. I felt as if I am drowning. I hated going to crowded places. I could never go to temples or travel in buses and trains. Everywhere I felt trapped. I couldn’t even sleep well.

After starting homoepatic medicines, I felt easy. I can have a bath, sleep in the dark; I can do everything without fearI sleep well. Earlier slightest sound would wake me. . I even visit crowded temples on festival days now.