Upcoming Homeopathic Publications :



Psychiatric Publications :

  1. “Use of Metoclopromide in the differential diagnosis of drug induced involuntary movements”. It was published in “Journal of Postgraduate Medicine” in April 1982
  2. “Effect if intravenous Metoclopromide in 81 patients with Tardive Dyskinesia”. It was published in “Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology” Volume 2, Journal 6, 1982
  3. “A psychiatric study of Premenstrual syndrome” published in “The Community Psychiatric Journal”
  4. “A case report of Childhood Manic Depressive Psychosis” in “The Indian Journal of Psychiatry”
  5. “Treatment of ten smokers by behavior therapy”. It was a paper read in 12th Annual Conference of Indian  Psychiatric Society (west zone)
  6. “A retrospective study of Electro convulsive therapy”. It was read in the 11th Annual Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society (west zone) and was also published in the journal.


Books published:

  1. Psychiatry for Students and General Practioners- 3 editions
  2. Problem Child- co-authored with Dr V. B. Athavale
  3. You and your teenager- also co authored with Dr V. B. Athavale
  4. Many books on Psychiatry and Sexology in Indian language (Gujarati)
  5. Currently in the process of writing a book on “Psychiatry & Homoeopathy”


Homeopathy Publications :

  1. Homeopathy and Psychiatry - Under Publication

Publications in Foreign Lanugage - Russian